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Loft w stylu paryskim ze sztukateriami

A Touch of Parisian style in a Wrocław Tenement House with Polish Design and Art

Let me delve into the captivating tale of this extraordinary apartment, but first, a personal note. My fondness for this apartment extends beyond its distinctive architecture, rich history, and prime location. I am especially enamored with it because I see furniture from our collections adorning almost every room. So, how did it come about that Perler Design pieces have so prominently graced this historic setting?

One day, I received a call from Agata Kasprzyk-Olszewska, an interior designer from Loft Factory. Agata disclosed her affinity for Parisian spaces, similar to mine, and shared that she was currently designing a loft in Wrocław, evoking that very ambiance, where she envisioned my coffee tables. Consequently, I extended an invitation to her to visit my studio and familiarize herself first-hand with the textures, forms, and colors of our creations. Not only did the tables resonate with her, but she also ended up selecting for the Wrocław apartment our best-selling one-legged white table, a petite tripod, a black ceramic side table, a cylindrical nightstand (not from our regular offer), a clay vase, and a circular relief.

A Neo-Gothic German Hospital Transformed into an Apartments

I had the opportunity to visit this 70-square-meter apartment where natural light floods the entirety of the space. This is due to the towering interiors, with ceilings over 4 meters high, coupled with the expansive French windows stretching from floor to ceiling. Had I not known the history of this place, I would never have guessed its former life as a hospital.

This apartment is nestled in a building with a past life as a hospital, conceived by architect Karl Gottfried Geissler, who oversaw the construction from 1799 to 1801. This Neo-Gothic red-brick edifice served as a training ground for young doctors starting in 1811, and for nearly two centuries, patients were admitted here. Today, the building located on John Paul II Square has been repurposed for residential and commercial use, housing unique lofts (designed by Chamielec Architects) that offer views of the river and historic tenement houses.

Lofty na Jana Pawła II w starym szpitalu

Interestingly, the presence of moldings and herringbone parquet in this apartment does not evoke industrial vibes. Instead, it brings to mind the elegance of apartments in the prestigious districts of Paris or Stockholm. This is by no means accidental. Both Agata and Dominika (the apartment’s owner) are enamored with the Haussmann and Gustavian styles. Although these architectural trends originated in different epochs and regions of Europe, they share commonalities – spaciousness, high ceilings, large windows, a remarkable level of craftsmanship, and extraordinary attention to detail. Notably, both styles often feature stucco work, with Parisian versions typically more ornate, while Stockholm variants tend to be more subdued. I believe that this apartment strikes a harmonious balance between the two.

Wysokie mieszkanie 4 metry w kamienicy
Kręcone schody na antresolę w mieszkaniu w lofcie

Polish Art and Design Unified Under One Roof

This generously spacious, off-white hued space has proven to be the ideal canvas for showcasing Polish design, craftsmanship, and art. In the living room’s lounge area, adorned with plaster stuccos crafted by Adam Rzadkowski, our handmade coffee tables have found their place. A painting by Martyna Ścibor elegantly hangs behind the sofa, while a majestic ceramic sculpture by Jakub Biewald, who interestingly creates ceramic side tables for our collection, has claimed its spot by the window. It was a delightful coincidence that Jakub’s works have appeared twice in this apartment – once as a sculpture facilitated by Artwork.House, and again as a black bedside table, courtesy of us. Indeed, a fortuitous turn of events! But the artistic journey doesn’t end there – the top of a chest of drawers alternately displays an artwork by Ivo Nikić and a round relief from our collections, accompanied by a glass lamp from the Polish brand Embassy Interiors. Additionally, a ceramic vase from our Birds collection, another Polish handmade piece, graces a wooden table.

Biały wysoki loft z designerskimi polskimi meblami
Jadalnia w salonie przy aneksie kuchennym
Okrągły relief w mieszkaniu ze sztukateriami i sztuką
Obraz na komodzie Martyny Ścibor

The bedroom, too, is a testament to the seamless fusion of Polish design and art. An Art Deco-inspired bed with a uniquely styled headboard, designed by Agata, forms the room’s centerpiece. Its subtle color palette is offset by Martyna Ścibor’s black-and-white graphic painting and a black ceramic table from our pearl collection. The second nightstand, in a unique tube shape, is also our creation – specially designed for this project using jesmonite and sand. Consequently, each side of the bed boasts artistic tables of varying forms, colors, and textures, adding a layer of diversity to the interior. The icing on the cake is the pair of Bibe table lamps from Embassy Interiors, whose glass shades complement the modernist Bibendum chair. Their brass bases beautifully correspond with the ceramic and jesmonite tabletops.

Sypialnia ze sztukateriami w stylu paryskim z zielonym zagłówkiem
Duża szafa ze sztukateriami w sypialni
Elegancka sypialnia w kamienicy
Biała wysoka sypialnia ze sztukateriami i szafą
Wysoka paryska sypialnia z dużymi loftowymi oknami podłogi do sufitu

Art also finds its place in the mezzanine, intended as a second bedroom (for the owner’s daughter). From the living room level, one can glimpse the color frenzy on the canvas painted by Jerzy Zajączkowski. Even the stairs leading to this half-floor have an artistic flair. Their spiral form, with delicate fittings and openwork steps, is a tangible affirmation of the apartment’s emphasis on handmade pieces and attention to detail.

Antresola w mieszkaniu 4 metrowym
Schody kręcone na antresolę
Łazienka wysoka z marmurowymi kaflami
Łazienka z baterią złotą zamontowaną w lustrze

It is a pleasure to be surrounded by such splendid architecture, contemporary art, and Polish designer furniture – Agata, thank you for this opportunity. I am equally thrilled that this project has received a prestigious award in the European Property Awards.

Project: Agata Kasprzyk-Olszewska of Loft Factory

Zdjęcia: Gracjan Donarski

Art Selection: Artwork.House (Artists: Jakub Biewald, Martyna Ścibor, Ivo Nikić, Jerzy Zajączkowski)

Polish Design: Perler Design (tables, relief, vase), Samarth (carpet), Lamps (Embassy Interiors)

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