I believe that the work of human hands is of great value, because it provides not only visual but also emotional experiences.

I believe that every apparent lack of perfection, such as a stain, unevenness or abrasion, is a testimony to the exceptional and absolutely unique history of the created piece of furniture.

I believe that the most beautiful objects are those that balance on the border of craft, art and design.
This is why products under the Perler Design brand are made by hand from start to finish – from the development of the form, through dyeing or pouring, to securing.

I believe that each of us deserves to have a unique, one-of-a-kind item. Craft furniture is a guarantee of this uniqueness – it is impossible to repeat them for the second time in an unchanged form. In addition, the hand-made item is associated with its limited quantity and availability.

I believe that the objects we surround ourselves with affect our well-being and emotions, so our choices should not be accidental.

I believe that white, black and gray tell the most beautiful stories.

I believe that products should stimulate not only the sense of sight, but also touch, which is why Perler Design furniture has a clear, “real” texture.

The key to me is the balance between refined elegance and austerity of workmanship. Neither of these extremes satisfies me.

Black ceramic coffee table
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