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I created this place right after my first visit to the Milan Interior Fair. It is true that I was in love with design much earlier, but it was this event that mobilized me to act. This is how in 2016 my interior design blog was created, where I still share with you monochrome spaces, interior design tips and reports from my trips to industry events. After a few years of starting the blog, however, my biggest dream came true. The website was expanded with an online store with my proprietary furniture (coffee tables and auxiliary tables). The projects of other artists who created collections dedicated to the Perler Design brand (including reliefs) are also slowly appearing.

Whose taste can Perler Design appeal to? I created this place for people who, like me, are lovers of monochrome, original spaces, non-obvious solutions, objects of artistic nature and art. In addition to inspiration and advice, you will find the aforementioned original furniture and collections signed by artists. These projects will be great for, among others in interiors in the Parisian, Scandinavian, vintage, eclectic and New York style. If you want to be up to date with my next ideas and projects, follow my actions also on social media:

This is how it started

My adventure with interior design is a natural consequence of over a dozen years of passion for original furniture, extraordinary spaces and unusual architectural solutions. From a very early age, I wanted to talk about design with every person I met, and the passing of time only intensified this need. But it happened that while talking about my passion, I saw the other side drift away over and over again. In the end, I accepted the fact that I had to look for my kinsmen elsewhere – on the Internet. After all, the Internet is full of photos of accessories and delightful rooms, and thus people who would be happy to discuss with me about colors, materials or visually interesting solutions.

This is how the Perler Design project was born – out of the sheer need to share with others what my loved ones (and accidental unfortunates) did not want to hear about anymore.

Katarzyna Szyc właścicielka Perler Design
Stoliki kawowe ręcznie robione

Design evolution


It was no different with the Perler Design blog. Over time, it has evolved and began to take root in my head as a place from which I expect much more than just expressing my thoughts. Your emails, comments and inquiries also influenced the direction of this course. With each passing day I saw it more and more clearly until it became perfectly clear to me that it was time to take the next step.

The thought has become a clear idea poured into form


I quit my warm corporate job and took action. I knew for sure that I wanted to be professionally related to design. I also knew that I wanted to create my own, expressive brand that would reflect my aesthetics, but at the same time would respond to the actual needs of its recipients. This thought accompanied me while planning and designing my own collection of furniture and interior decorations.

The coffee tables, which were the first to appear in the online store, are made of a material that is unique and rare on the Polish market, which is acrylic gypsum. Their shapes, colors and textures strongly refer to the Parisian and New York climates, while the terrazzo helper – to the Scandinavian style.

Contemporary reliefs, i.e. abstract 3D paintings, have also appeared in the store. Soon, the collections will also include furniture and accessories made by other artists – ceramists and people involved in artistic glass processing.

Obraz 3D relief organiczny wzór
Reliefy do salonu

Original home accessories


This is probably why I became so fixated on unusual, often hand-made furniture and decorations. I just love original, timeless interiors that define the character of their owners. The ones that are full of unusual solutions, but also personal accessories and items with a soul. At all costs, I will try to convince you to design a space around you that will not be taken straight from the displays of furniture chains or “copy-paste” photos from interior magazines. Why? Because our immediate surroundings affect our well-being. I believe that by surrounding ourselves with unusual solutions and objects that reflect ourselves to some extent, we feel better, safer and more special.

And how do we communicate with the world through our interior?

When you dress, you send a message – I’m brave / eccentric / modest. Since our outfit says so much about us, how much can you read from our apartment! It is through interior styling and everyday objects that we reveal who we are. We tell our personal story and communicate what we like, how we spend our time, what is important to us. So let’s not approach the subject with indifference or choose shortcuts. I encourage you to be more courageous in expressing yourself through your surroundings.

Współczesna płaskorzeźba

I have a personality and I will not hesitate to use it!

Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion, mass production can look really great. For me, however, the condition is to combine it with original, hand-made furniture and accessories that will bring a bit of uniqueness and our character to the space (probably why I am so attached to ethnic and rustic “inserts”). I am also in favor of taking inspiration from current trends (I am an absolute fan of glass partition walls and swings for interiors that are so fashionable recently), but in the form of accents, and not a thoughtless copying of everything that is fashionable.

I also strongly stick to eclectic interiors that offer such a visually beautiful variety! I hope that my collections and proposals will inspire you to create a designer interior, but at the same time unusual, with a soul. I also believe that you will find here furniture and accessories that will give your M. character and the final touch, but will also reflect your colorful personality. What would make me happy the most, however, is to make you spend a good time here and come back again, leaving a trace.

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