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This space was created for individuals who, like me, appreciate originality, artistic objects, art, and design. Here, you’ll find more than just inspiration and advice – it’s a destination for applied art, featuring original designer furniture and artist-signed collections. You can find limited collections of tables, lamps, vases, and bas-reliefs, created exclusively for the Perler Design brand, in the design shop section (soon).

Our Story: The Birth and Vision of Perler Design

I established this space immediately following my initial visit to the Milan Interior Fair. Although my love for design began much earlier, this event served as the catalyst for my action. In 2016, I launched my interior design blog where I continue to share monochrome spaces, interior design tips, and reports from industry events.
A few years into blogging, my greatest dream was realized – the website expanded to include an online store featuring my unique furniture designs such as coffee tables, side tables, and table sets.

Today, our offerings also encompass applied art objects crafted by artists. Sculptors, ceramists, graphic artists, and individuals engaged in artistic glass production design and create limited collections dedicated to the Perler Design brand. These include reliefs, glass and ceramic vases, and table lamps.

These designs will beautifully complement various interior styles, including Parisian, Scandinavian, vintage, eclectic, and New York. To stay abreast of my latest ideas and projects, I invite you to follow me on social media:

The Beginning of the Journey

My journey into interior design is the natural result of a fifteen-year-long passion for original furniture, extraordinary spaces, and unique architectural solutions. From a very early age, I found myself eager to discuss design with anyone I met, a desire that only intensified over time. However, I often noticed my audience’s interest dwindling during our conversations. Eventually, I came to terms with the fact that I needed to find like-minded individuals elsewhere – specifically, on the Internet. After all, the Internet is a treasure trove of accessory photos, stunning rooms, and people who are more than willing to engage in discussions about colors, materials, and visually captivating solutions.

And thus, the Perler Design project was born – out of a burning desire to share my passion, a passion that my loved ones were weary of hearing about.

Katarzyna Szyc Perler Design
An artistic designer collection of coffee tables and side tables

Evolving Vision

As we often find in life, incredible ideas and actions can evolve into something much bigger than we initially expected.

This has been the journey with the Perler Design blog. Over time, it has grown and solidified in my mind as a platform from which I envision more than just expressing my thoughts. Your emails, comments, and inquiries have played a crucial role in steering this evolution. With each passing day, my vision became increasingly clear, until it was undeniable that the time had come to take the next step.

Transforming Ideas into Reality

With unwavering determination, I left the comfort of my corporate job to pursue my dream. I was certain about my desire to engage professionally with design and to establish my own expressive brand that would not only reflect my aesthetics but also cater to the specific needs of its customers. This notion guided me as I planned and designed my own collection of furniture and interior decorations.

The first items to be introduced to the online store were the coffee tables, crafted from acrylic gypsum, a unique and rare material in the Polish market. Their shapes, colors, and textures draw strong influences from Parisian and New York styles, while the terrazzo auxiliary table leans towards the Scandinavian style.

The store also showcases other examples of Polish applied art, such as contemporary reliefs, also known as 3D abstract paintings. Our collections extend to include furniture and accessories created by other artists, including ceramists and artisans specializing in artistic glass processing.

White round 3D relief painting in beige
A set of two white coffee tables on a single leg

Unique Home Accessories

What I strive to avoid at all costs is interior design monotony, repetition, and trend-chasing.

This is likely why I’ve become so enamored with unique, often handcrafted, furniture and decorations. Alongside this, I’ve developed a profound appreciation for applied art, recognizing its importance in enhancing daily life and adding another dimension to interior design.

I adore original, timeless interiors that encapsulate the personalities of their owners – spaces filled with unusual solutions and personalized items that carry a soul. I am committed to encouraging you to design your surroundings that don’t merely replicate furniture store displays or “copy-paste” images from interior magazines. Why? Because our immediate environment significantly influences our well-being.

I firmly believe that by immersing ourselves in unique solutions and objects that reflect our individuality, we can feel better, safer, and more extraordinary.

So, what does the term ‘applied art’ mean?

These are everyday objects that are typically designed and created by the artist. This category primarily includes furniture, ceramics, glass, and fabric. These objects are typically produced in small quantities or limited collections. Moreover, these items should exhibit high aesthetic value, intrigue with their form/finish, stimulate the senses, and stand out from mass-produced items. It’s important to note that the term ‘contemporary applied art’ is often used interchangeably with ‘design’ or ‘artistic craftsmanship.’

Unlike fine art objects, which serve no practical use, applied art serves a specific function within an interior. However, applied art often intersects with decorative art and fine art. A handmade vase or a blown glass carafe, for example, can serve as both a sculpture and a functional vessel. Consequently, Perler Design pieces exist in the space between fine art and design.

Reliefy do salonu
Współczesna płaskorzeźba

How do we communicate our identity through our interiors?

Just as our choice of clothing sends a message – I’m daring, eccentric, or understated – our living spaces reveal even more about us. Through interior styling and everyday objects, we unveil our identities. We narrate our personal stories and communicate our preferences, how we spend our time, and what we deem important. So let’s not approach this subject with indifference or opt for easy shortcuts. Instead, I encourage you to embrace boldness in expressing yourself through your surroundings.

Embracing Individuality through Artistic Design

Don’t misunderstand me, I believe mass-produced items can look fantastic. However, in my view, they shine best when blended with original, handcrafted furniture and applied art objects that infuse the space with a touch of uniqueness and personal character. This interplay between the artistic and the practical is likely why I’m so drawn to ethnic and rustic accents.

While I am all for incorporating current trends (I am a huge fan of recently trendy glass partition walls and indoor swings), they should be applied as highlights rather than thoughtlessly copying what’s fashionable in its entirety. Handmade furniture, in particular, offers an unmatched individuality that enhances the authenticity of a space.

I’m particularly fond of eclectic interiors that showcase a visually delightful variety of both art and design! My hope is that my collections and proposals will inspire you to create a space that is both stylish and unique, filled with character and soul. Through the medium of applied art and handcrafted furniture, I believe you’ll discover items here that will not only add the final touch to your home, but also reflect your vibrant personality. Ultimately, my greatest joy would be knowing you’ve enjoyed your time here and that you’ll return, leaving a meaningful mark.

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